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Centric Home PLM Customers Have Their Say!
The Market Speaks!

Whether they make wallpaper, picture frames, customized furniture, rugs, lights, faucets or other items for home, Centric Home PLM customers are in the business of creating dream spaces. Find out how Centric Home PLM helps home décor and furnishings businesses deliver more inspiring products to the market on time and at a better cost–in their own words.



What Do Users Love About Centric Home PLM?

“When we saw the demos, we could envision how Centric PLM would fit with our business. Throughout the demo and selection process, Centric were very knowledgeable and responsive.”

Creative Co-op

“Centric PLM will give us a central hub for product development from inspiration all the way to sourcing and testing. Having a single version of the truth will enable us to communicate and collaborate faster so we can continue to grow.”

Four Hands

“Centric PLM is highly adaptable, functionally intuitive and able to handle every part of the product lifecycle. The Centric team’s involvement is terrific, and they’re able to move at the speed we want.”


“Our designers adapted their processes quickly and then eased into the system. The transition was as seamless as possible, and we have now reduced the amount of time it takes to complete a design.”

Mud Pie

“Centric PLM is very versatile, giving us the ability to start at different points in the product configuration process. This is particularly important for us as we offer finished catalog designs as well as products with varying degrees of customization, ranging from made-to-measure to highly bespoke pieces.”


“Centric Software’s PLM solution has brought us brand new methods of product development, greater transparency in our internal and external communications, and improved efficiency.”

Your Moon

Make Yourself at Home with Centric!

Want to experience Centric Home PLM in real life and find out how Centric’s solutions can tackle your most pressing business challenges with input from our industry experts? Book a one-on-one demo!