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Centric PLM Online Demo Series


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Weekly in August | 13:30 CET, 2pm EDT | Online

Getting products to market is more complex than ever. Up-to-date product information needs to flow freely and accurately to and from internal and external teams: suppliers, sales, marketing, retail, production, logistics, finance, quality and more. What if there was one single source of the truth for everyone? There is with Centric PLM.

Join Centric Software’s fashion and technology industry experts throughout the month of August for a four-part webinar series that will deliver an engaging mix of live demos and showcase what Centric PLM is all about. Find out how PLM can help your brand improve collaboration, reduce errors and costs and speed time to market. Learn how Centric Software’s innovative solutions streamline product development from concept to retail:

Aug. 9: PLM4ALL
Learn the basics of PLM and get an overview of how it will drive business growth. Learn how PLM is the ‘one single actionable source of the truth’ for product development.

Aug. 15: Field Testing Mobile App
See how you can track product performance and drive innovation right from your mobile device. Designed specifically for outdoor, footwear and apparel companies to get live feedback from your testers and cut down on the number of early stage – and costly! – prototypes.

Aug. 23:  Retail Review Mobile App
Find out how to improve your customer experience by giving your store reviewers the power of mobility connected directly to PLM so they can easily measure, analyze and encourage improvement of standards and programs in stores, on-location, in real time.

Aug. 29: Factory Audit Mobile App
Find out how you can ditch your notebook and document factory compliance and streamline your audit process during on-site visits by sharing real-time feedback in any format from any mobile device directly to PLM.

Learn about PLM and the power of going digital. Seeing is believing!

Iconic brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade & Company, KEEN, Ariat, Samsonite, tentree, Carhartt, Marine Layer, Modern Gourmet Foods, Under Armour and Burton are among the 600+ brands from over 260 companies that have placed their trust in Centric Software to streamline their workflow, boost creativity and slash time-to-market. Join them in attaining up to 30% fewer errors and a staggering 5 – 10% increase in profit margins!

Register for one or all of our online demo events and learn how to drive your digital transformation with Product Lifecycle Management.