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3D Product Design & Development: Revolutionize Product Visualization & Sample Reviews

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No-one could have predicted just how rapidly and unexpectedly the recent global health pandemic would accelerate the shift towards digital technologies, but smart companies are taking this opportunity to uncover weaknesses that were previously hidden, and adopt a mindset of innovation to thrive in pandemic times.

Cutting-edge tools such as 3D product design, virtual sampling, and digital material libraries bridge the gap between designers, 3D modelers, merchandisers, sourcing and suppliers, driving better decisions about which products to develop, while lowering costs, saving time and reducing the environmental impact. So, everyone’s a winner!

To learn more, watch this webinar replay for the second of an exciting series of Oktoberfest virtual roundtables. In the replay expert speakers from leading 3D solution providers Browzwear and Vizoo joined Centric to discuss how your teams can harness the power of 3D at every stage of the product lifecycle to boost agility and flexibility to react quickly to post-pandemic market changes. 

In this webinar replay, our expert speakers discussed:

— How to accelerate time to market, cut expenses and reduce environmental impact with integrated, cutting-edge 3D solutions  

— The benefits of virtual product development and digital sample reviews 

— How to Integrate material scans, libraries, modeling systems, BOMs and vendor communication on one platform