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Urban Outfitters + Centric Software® smoothly navigate 2023 market disruptions


Smoothly Navigate 2023 Landscape and Meet Consumer Demand with Better Planning

Identifying and responding to your customers’ preferences and evolving fashion trends can be a complex and painstaking endeavor when you are a retailer of more than 500+ locations, with an eComm platform and a large mix of merchandise.

Drive Higher Margins

Let’s Revolutionize Urban Outfitters Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Designed specifically to tackle omnichannel complexity and market volatility, innovative retail planning solutions facilitate fast, data-driven decisions. With the ability to visually manage assortments and drag-and-drop allocations multi-category retailers can reduce time in the planning cycle for better analysis and time to forecast 

Centric Planning eliminates surprises (and spreadsheets!) with Machine Learning (ML)-led what-if scenario modeling, giving powerful insights and decision-making capabilities to merchandisers so they can prepare and quickly adjust when needed. This forecasting ability allows product development and merchandising teams to develop realistic sales estimates and make profitable in-season revisions with full visibility into raw materials costs, product margins and assortment product mix. 

Create Better Products

With Centric Product Lifecycle Management (Centric PLM™) and Visual Boards, you can develop profitable products, align financial and merchandising plans while achieving sustainability and meeting market demands with a flexible, easy-to-use and scalable digital foundation for all your product related data. 100s of multicategory retailers, like Saks Fifth Avenue and The Gap Inc., benefit from real-time visibility into:

  • Buyer commitments
  • KPIs & business targets
  • Merchandising & assortment plans
  • Internal, external & co-developed product data
  • Data hosted in different systems such as ERP, PIM and other in-house solutions

Centric Software empowers organizations like Urban Outfitters to make informed, agile decisions that positively impact bottom lines and business growth.

Urban Outfitters Benefits

You can benefit from an end-to-end process that: 

  • Connects financial, merchandising, collection and product data from multiple systems 
  • Accesses internal, external, and co-developed designs, product details, 2D/3D imagery and media 
  • Creates and associates products, data, materials, colors and images to placeholders easily with drag-and-drop 
  • Presents assortments and makes bidirectional system updates live during market-to-market meetings 
  • Analyzes assortments in real time to ensure the achievement of KPIs and targets 
  • Drives dynamic roll-up reporting and interactive PDF line sheets 
  • Track sustainability metrics and KPIs 

Empower teams across every department with Centric Software’s modern, mobile and intuitive digital solutions. Increase efficiency and bring great products to market faster. 


Modern Tech Solutions for Urban Outfitters

Centric’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution is an innovative platform for the entire product lifecycle. See why more than 650 companies of all sizes trust Centric PLM to spark creativity, improve collaboration and decision-making, and decrease time-to-market.

A unique data and AI-driven planning solution that enables planners, merchandisers and stock allocators to reduce discounting and overproduction, forecast accurately and optimize the omnichannel experience.

An intuitive platform for visual collaboration using digital boards that integrate product data from PLM, ERP and other systems. Reduce idea-to-consumer time and foster creativity across merchandising, buying, design and sourcing teams.

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