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Live Elevate Your Brand Webinar

Online | June 14th, 2016, English | 2:00 p.m.

We’re sorry, this event has passed. Watch the webinar replay!

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Discover how emerging clothing & footwear brands can increase efficiency and boost profit margins using cloud-based PLM software.

  • Is your brand growing faster than you can manage?
  • Does keeping track of all the logistics and statistics make your head spin? Are you missing analytics?
  • Are there so many emails, spreadsheets and sticky notes flying around that you never know where to check for the latest data and decisions?
  • Is info on your phone or on your ipad or your computer? Was it skype or email or a text?

Large apparel and outdoor brands have been using PLM for years. Now, Centric Software introduces a PLM solution for apparel & footwear SMBs. Learn how this technology helps emerging brands grow their businesses, streamline operations from concept to store shelf and bring agility to their teams.

Learn the basics of PLM and how it can help small businesses level the competitive playing field.

Centric Small Business is a cloud-based product available on a subscription basis (SaaS) so you don’t need to have an IT infrastructure or IT staff in place. It’s intuitive, so your team will quickly get up to speed.