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Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

North America | January 7th, 2016

During last week’s Lunch & Learn PLM Seminar at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held in Salt Lake City, Ryan Harris, design and development manager at Klim and Peter Dehio, sourcing expert (formerly with Essendant, Orvis and Eddie Bauer) joined Centric to discuss the importance of real time collaboration and how PLM can play a role.

Key points?

Break away from spreadsheet chaos

Social compliance is a huge issue in the US. How to insulate yourself against issues arising from not knowing who your supplier base really is and how they work?

By safeguarding your product, your brand and your process!

With Centric 8 PLM you know when containers will arrive, when to hire temporary workers and benefit from real time feedback from your suppliers to ensure firm delivery dates. By gathering live data on one single, easy platform, improve real time collaboration to know what is what, once for all. And with Centric PLM mobile apps and cloud-based PLM you don’t have to be chained to your desk to do so! Why do you think over 125 brands and retailers trust Centric PLM?

A sneak preview of Centric’s new Field Test mobile app

Humberto Roa, VP of Innovation gave the audience a demo of Centric Software’s new Field Testing app which tracks and monitors product testing and feedback. With Centric Field Test, you can assign products to be tested and the tests to be done. Users receive an alert that something is ready to be tested and can give real time feedback, such as comfort, testing conditions, performance or whatever other criteria you like thus simplifying and speeding up the testing process and not losing valuable insight.

To find out more about our brand new Field Testing app, click here