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[Webinar] How Mystery Ranch Maintains Quality Standards During Market Disruptions

Online | June 17, English

June 17 | 1 p.m. MDT

This webinar will be held in English.

In “normal” times, achieving high product-quality standards takes dedication, focus and diligence. In today’s fast-changing, uncertain world, it is more challenging—and more important—than ever for companies like Mystery Ranch.

The backpack and load carriage system manufacturer has a long and impressive history of innovation and upholding exceptional standards of quality. The company started in 2000 in the outdoor retail space but was approached in 2004 by the Navy SEALS to create custom packs, leading to a new business model and design strategy.

Join this webinar hosted by the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) to discover how Mystery Ranch has fueled its growth while staying committed to quality. As the company evolved, it turned to Centric Outdoor PLM allowing it to streamline new style development, reduce errors, improve product documentation for suppliers and gain efficiencies.

Luke Boswell, director of product at Mystery Ranch, will give attendees an inside look at:

  • How people’s lives can depend on their packs’ functionality, durability and comfort
  • Mystery Ranch’s high standards of quality and vast documentation about materials, patterns, construction details and more
  • Building a technological foundation for success in all types of markets

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Luke Boswell

Luke Boswell

Director of Product

Mystery Ranch