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Maximize revenues across all channels with curated assortments

Online | April 20 | 11:00 a.m. EDT / 5:00 p.m. CEST

This event is in English

Curating profitable assortments isn’t easy when your teams are working with spreadsheets, powerpoints, emails and disconnected systems. Even if you a have PLM and/or retail planning solutions in place, work sometimes gets taken offline. Silos develop, teams waste time searching for information and a lack of real-time visual data leads to errors and costs down the line.

How can you bridge those gaps, keep information in one place and get teams on the same page to achieve profitable assortments?

Centric Software® has developed new visual collaboration technology for global and regional merchants, design teams, product teams and leadership teams to ✔save time, ✔improve collaboration, ✔reduce errors, ✔boost revenues and ✔optimize assortments.

Join us to learn how our Visual Assortment Boards for PLM and Planning enable your teams to:

  • Work collaboratively using a single version of the truth on a visual platform.
  • See collections by season/brands/divisions/categories/drops. Easily view assortments by style/color/material/fabric for strategic insights and decision-making.
  • Drag-and-drop styles and products in and out of assortments for real-time visual analysis to tailor assortments more accurately.
  • See bestsellers and poor performers earlier and easily carryover into assortment building. Drive in-season collaboration to maximize on bestsellers.
  • Integrate data from PLM, retail planning, ERP, 3D and more.

Visual Assortment Boards are designed to represent the same data in the way that different teams want to see it, whether that means enabling merchandisers to drag and drop products into assortments or giving planners an in-depth financial comparison of assortment options.