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Webinar: Transparency & Collaboration Make a Better Tomorrow

July 24—2 p.m. EDT

This event will be held in English

Are you struggling with transparency, visibility and supplier communication? Discover how innovative technology such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions support Better Buying™ practices and make it easier for apparel companies to build transparent, sustainable and accountable supply chains.

Attend our webinar hosted by the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) and featuring Marsha Dickson, President and Co-Founder of Better Buying™ and Irma Ayers Professor of Human Services in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware.

The goal of the Better Buying™ initiative is to build data-driven transparency of purchasing practices so that buyer, supplier and purchasing-related activities support a sustainable partnership. As companies search for ways to align transparency and collaboration, modern solutions such as PLM come to the forefront as a crucial part of a company’s growth initiatives. Want to learn more?

Join us to discover how innovative PLM solutions support visibility between retailers, brands and suppliers, paving the way to more effective decisions, improved trust and increased consumer confidence.