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Streamline product development with a ‘single source of the truth’

Get your teams on the same page with Centric Retail PLM.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions offer a way to manage the entire product lifecycle from planning assortments to creating and sourcing to the moment a consumer gets your products in their hands.

Innovative Centric Retail PLM created specifically for fashion, consumer goods and multicategory retailers centralizes all product-related data in one digital space.  It works in real-time with changes updated simultaneously for all users so that every department is empowered with the up-to-date information they need from anywhere in the world to develop amazing products across multiple categories, geographies and channels, faster.

But how does it work? Why does having a ‘single source of the truth’ become a real game-changer for the bottom line of your business?

Take a look at our useful infographic to see how Centric Retail PLM eliminates the need to juggle independent data silos, reduces errors and frees up precious time.

Download the Infographic

Centric Retail PLM empowers your teams to achieve amazing results:

• Faster time to market
• Improve new product introduction success
• Efficient private label and supplier co-created product development
• Increase product margins
• Deliver highly desirable, high-quality products
• Maintain brand consistency and longevity