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ERP vs PLM: Which is the best investment?

Create Greater Efficiency and Accuracy in Product Development Data: Supplement Your ERP with a Collaborative PLM


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Like the fashion industry, cosmetics and personal care are feeling the squeeze of needing more product variety every season. In the era of digital shopping, constantly changing social media influence and accelerated consumption, the pace of the cosmetics and personal care industry is unlike anything ever experienced in its history. Consumer attention spans have shortened while their thirst for innovation and quality has only increased. The most successful cosmetics and personal care businesses build and sustain brand equity not only by responding with high-quality, innovative products but also with speed to market.

That’s where technology can provide a competitive edge, serving as the springboard that boosts innovation and gives rise to operational and strategic goals that move brands closer to the end consumer.

Learn more about the purpose and benefits of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and how they work together.

PLM + ERP: uncover the benefits for your bottom line.

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