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Merrell Chooses to Accelerate Innovation and Enhance Collaboration with Centric Software

Discover how Charlie Hall, Product Operations Director at Merrell, revolutionized their business processes with Centric Software®. From managing complex global operations to enhancing product development, learn how intuitive technology and strategic insights took Merrell to new heights, streamlining operations and improving market responsiveness.



  • Handling complex global business and diverse business models
  • Utilizing different systems for 11 brands, complicating consistency
  • Existing systems lacked flexibility for adaptation to market changes
  • Needing an intuitive platform that supports easy adoption across teams
  • Spending excessive time on manual operations such as asset downloads and presentations


  • Improved user experience with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • Streamlined global operations by integrating a unified platform across all brands
  • Enhanced efficiency with centralized data management and reduced manual tasks
  • Improved market responsiveness through better insights and quicker decision-making
  • Increased configurability of systems, allowing for rapid adaptation to business needs
  • Enhanced integration with other tools, promoting better communication and coordination

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