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The Food & Beverage Trends to Shape 2023

Keep the pace and stay up to date on industry challenges


Discover the TOP 5 food & beverage trends that will shape 2023

Why there’s a rising number of consumers who want to know how their food is produced

Learn how the right technology can help you keep pace and overcome obstacles

Major market disruptions and current events have caused big shifts in the Food and Beverage sector. These massive changes are giving rise to new and exciting trends, as customers adjust and make their own demands of the current market.

Read our detailed guide book to discover how your brand —with the right digital tools—can smoothly and successfully adapt to these trends. If your business can better understand these 5 consumer trends, you’ll be able to make the right adjustments to stay on top of the challenges:

  • Consumers are demanding that brands focus on environmental sustainability
  • Absolute brand transparency—from origin to processing to overall ethical commitments—is a priority for consumers
  • Plant-based eating is bigger than ever and here to stay
  • Healthy food and drinks have to be functional by offering additional benefits
  • Supply chains are stretched, raw materials are high-cost, and brands have to respond

Empowered by innovative technology like Centric PLM, find out how you can adjust to market and consumer trends around sustainability, transparency, health, and costs, while also creating sales-driven opportunities for your brand in the process.

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