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2023 Color Insight Report

Avoid playing catch-up on trending and emerging colors in 2023


Understand the colors consumers are responding to in womenswear fashion

Discover the most popular color shades predicted this fall

Prevent missteps in product planning with insight into consumer color trends

Skip scouring social media for hours, download the report and get the insider info on today’s top colors! Gain a comprehensive overview of color in womenswear fashion.

From the surprisingly bold color that promises to be flooding the market come fall to the bedazzling finish you might find in unexpected places, this report is full of juicy data gems that will enhance your confidence and creativity throughout product design and planning. Has pink fallen out of favor? Will gray remain popular or is it played out?

Look back at what color stories emerged last season, gain insights into the colors of tops, dresses and accessories currently making an impact and feel empowered with the latest color data and trend predictions for next season.

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