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Fashion Must Go On! Unleash the Power of Design 2D/3D & PLM to Prosper in the New Normal

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According to Mckinsey & Company, “Companies that were already using cutting-edge tools such as 3D product design, virtual sampling, and digital material libraries…have fared better than their peers during the [global health] crisis.” And, there’s no doubt that these same technologies are the ones that will enable fashion, retail & luxury businesses to thrive in post-pandemic times! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Watch this webinar replay hosted by Centric Software® and Optitex to learn how Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and revolutionary technologies like 3D design are key to safeguarding success. 

Discover how to…

  • Boost agility and flexibility to react quickly to post-pandemic market changes
  • Empower your teams during these challenging times, enabling optimal collaboration — from anywhere at any time — with development, merchandising, buying, suppliers, retailers and wholesalers, across global teams.
  • Streamline sourcing, virtual sampling and merchandising.
  • Speed up product development and accelerate time to market with integrated 2D/3D software. 


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