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Centric VIP seminars

New York, London, Gothenburg, Paris, Milan, Munich, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Salt Lake City

Centric Visual Innovation Platform Unveiling

New York. London. Gothenburg. Paris. Milan. Shanghai. And more…

We are very pleased to announce the fashion technology event of the year – the live and in-person unveiling of Centric Software’s brand new, ground breaking innovation: Centric Visual Innovation Platform.

Experience this new solution on multiple-devices including a large-scale touch-screen TV and iPad. Centric VIP is used by executive, creative, merchandising, product development, sourcing and sales teams to create, collaborate, what-if and automate the execution of product and collection ideation and decisions.

Centric VIP is a platform of digital boards fully connected to PLM, from mood boards to material and style boards to allocation and merchandising, line and sales boards. This groundbreaking innovation is a new category of technology that brings together live, actionable information from multiple sources including PLM.

Information is visual, easy to drill down or dashboard up, manipulate, change and execute. No more foam core boards, no more post-its and Velcro, no more scribing in meetings, no more lost information or questions about who decided what in team meetings.

“Everyone, take out your devices,” will be your new mantra for creative play and serious decision making and getting work done!

Adoption by executive, creative, merchandising, product development and sourcing teams has been overwhelmingly positive. Current users boast that Centric VIP increases the productivity of 1 PLM user by a factor of 10.

Seating is limited so sign up now to request a spot. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the information, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement prior to being admitted to the event.

Dates & locations

June 21: New York City, Valbella Meatpacking, 421 W 13th St.

June 27: Gothenburg, Private event – venue upon request

June 28: London, Icetank – 5-7 Grape Street.  Note: this event runs from 10.30am to 2pm. 

June 29: Milan, Terrazza Martini – Piazza Diaz 7

July 4: Paris, Hôtel Saint James Albany – 202 rue de Rivoli – 75001

July 6: Munich

July 27: Salt Lake City

July 28: Shanghai, New World Shanghai Hotel Studio 3 – 1555 Dingxi Road. Note: this event runs from 1.30pm to 5pm. 

August 11: Shenzhen, The Venice Hotel Shenzhen  – Roam room – 9026 Shenzhen road. Note: this event runs from 1.30pm to 5pm. 

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