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Discover AI-driven pricing intelligence, competitor benchmarking and
trend forecasting.

Drive product decisions and maximize revenues.

Analyze competitive assortments and prices.

Grasp market trends and consumer preferences.

Trusted by the world’s top fashion, footwear, home and beauty companies.

And the data powering leading fashion trend reports from global consulting firms and industry media.

McKinsey & Company: The State of Fashion 2023

Data-driven decision-making based on real-time market intelligence

Manually collecting competitive data is time-consuming, never fully accurate, constantly out of date and full of errors. Quickly gain a 360° view of the entire market and start predicting your competitor’s next move!

What products are your competitors selling?

What are your competitors doing, selling and promoting? Know the makeup of their assortment mix and the overlapping SKUs with your own product assortment.

What are the up-and-coming trends?

Find out what consumers are looking for through competitive sell-through and market search data. Discover which trends are peaking and those with staying power.

Are your inventory investments right?

Which products, categories, sizes, styles and colors are competitors investing their inventory in? Ensure your own assortment reflect what’s happening in the wider market.

When are competitors discounting items?

Don’t be late to discount items! Pre-empt your competitors’ promotional activities and better align your own discounting strategy to drive sales and improve profit margin.

What are the pricing strategies in the market?

Price too high and you may lose customers, price too low and you’ll lose profit margin and brand value. Benchmark yourself against competitors to quickly discover pricing opportunities.

Are you increasing prices due to inflation?

Gain visibility into exactly how competitors are pricing. Discover when to expand products to higher and lower price points to match competitors and capture the market.

Manually collecting competitive data is time-consuming, never fully accurate, constantly out of date and full of errors. Quickly gain a 360° view of the entire market and start predicting your competitor’s next move!

Leverage pricing, Assortment and promotional insights

Develop the right products, increase sell-through and maximize product margins.

Consumer Trend Reports
and Editorials

Spend less time gathering data for spreadsheet analysis and more time understanding what consumers want. Gain invaluable trend insights with deep-dive reports and data-driven editorials.

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Real-time Market Response

Quickly and easily adjust pricing based on consumer response and competitor execution. Develop a discounting plan in line with market response and brand strategy.

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Competitive Benchmarking

Know what competitors are selling and what inventory they’re investing in. Now design and develop optimized assortments and strategically set prices, right from the get-go.

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Exact SKU Product Matching
Across Retailers

Understand how competitors are pricing exact or similar products and track adjustments over time. Ensure MAP compliance across retailers with high-precision image recognition technology.

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Here’s why Centric Pricing will enhance your competitive data collection.

Powerful, fast and easy to use

Eliminate manual ways of working by automatically crawling thousands of websites, daily. Quickly and correctly categorize like-for-like products to accurately compare products and pricing.

Collect a complete view of every product and item

Scrape all product and pricing information with complete crawls. Categorize products correctly with attribution-rich taxonomy and build a real-time view of the market.

Rely on high-quality data transparency

Data you can trust to make decisions with, every eCommerce product can be traced back and verified, right to the source. Our data is unrivalled in quality.

Visualize data like never before

Easily build a range of charts and graphs to see competitive data visually. Quickly compare and benchmark yourself against competitors from price point to assortment categories.

Track trends by categories through to keywords

Leverage search engine data to discover popular and trending categories and search terms within those categories, or if search interest of particular terms outperformed the overall category.

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Our suite of solutions transform the end-to-end product lifecycle.

Together, Centric Planning, Centric Visual Boards and Centric PLM connect teams to streamline product go-to-market and maximize business performance.

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