Driving Global Business Strategy at Varner with Centric PLM




Varner has been hugely successful, but the pressure is always on to evolve with the times, and they knew that a lot more business would be moving to online retail. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and want affordable, quality products at lightning speeds. Varner needed a PLM solution to bridge the digitalization gap when it came to product development and keep up with the race.

To set themselves up for further growth in the retail market, Varner selected Centric PLM™. Centric Software’s fashion expertise and customer references were important factors inVarner’s decision, and Centric PLM’s functionality and user-friendly interface backed up by a powerful PLM ‘brain’ made it their first choice.

Today, Varner uses Centric PLM across 10 of their concepts to streamline product development and adapt to faster retailing trends. It’s now possible to compare costs and product details easily in a global marketplace. Since implementing Centric PLM, Varner has a holistic view of all products, which is helping to shorten lead times with suppliers and make profitable decisions about product lines.

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