Speeding Up Product Development with Centric PLM at Undiz




In light of the brand’s fast growth and development, Undiz needed to improve the efficiency of product design and development in order to reduce its time to market. With more and more designs being developed and an increase in the quantities of items purchased, Undiz wanted a global dashboard to enable its teams to monitor all collections at a glance.

Centric PLM™ was the right choice for Undiz because of its ease of use, visual appeal, the expertise of the Centric consultants and Centric’s excellent industry references. Reflecting the fast-growing and dynamic brand, implementation of Centric 8 PLM at Undiz was achieved in just under six months.

Today, Centric PLM is an indispensable tool at Undiz. Instant access to centralized, reliable data makes it easier to collaborate across the globe, calendar functions enhance product development monitoring and both internal and external users find it an intuitive, easy-to-use time saver. Thanks to Centric, teams at Undiz are more productive and able to work in a coherent and constructive way.

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