Centric PLM Gives Mud Pie the Gift of Growth


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Mud Pie faced challenges associated with the growth of the business and reached a point where it became obvious that the company needed a PLM solution to support its design, product development and production processes. Tired of working in an outdated database system and searching through emails, Mud Pie wanted to find a more efficient and effective way to manage SKUs across its three divisions.

Mud Pie used an external software ‘matchmaking’ service to compare different PLM vendors and systems, using a ratings system based on ease of use, functionality, calendar tracking abilities and inventory handling. After a series of interviews, demos, reference checks and RFPs, Mud Pie finally selected Centric PLM.

Mud Pie went live on Centric PLM across all departments and their overseas suppliers on time while growing all three lines, and still hit all deadlines for the season with no major issues. Today, Mud Pie can manage the whole lifecycle of a product in a single place and act instantly on decisions. Time savings are a major benefit, and Mud Pie finds Centric’s mobile apps invaluable on overseas research trips.

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