Mascaró Gains Control and Visibility with Centric PLM




Mascaró produces four collections and nearly 1,500 prototypes for its four brands each year. Documenting 1,500 prototypes is a challenge, and before implementing PLM, teams at Mascaró worked entirely by hand. Paperwork was done using a physical paper envelope system, which was difficult to manage.

Before deciding which PLM solution to purchase, Mascaró looked at three PLM vendors, including Centric Software. Centric quickly understood Mascaró’s needs and adapted very rapidly, leading Mascaró to choose Centric PLM™.

With Centric PLM, Mascaró has clear, complete information that is easily accessible in one place. Everyone knows what is happening in real time, which avoids errors and confusion. Users can see everyone else’s work in a single click. The level of control is more refined, and it’s easier to get an overall view of collections. Mascaró has improved the delivery of prototypes to customers, shows and exhibitions and has more time to better position prices before products go on sale.

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