Optimizing Product Performance at Marc Jacobs with Centric PLM




Marc Jacobs’ various teams work somewhat independently, sharing a common vision, but often employing very different tools and techniques. This became a challenge when the footwear division’s design and development was brought back in-house and it was quickly apparent that it would not be as easy as bringing its processes in line with those of other product categories.

Rather than attempting to adapt footwear to fit their existing solutions, Marc Jacobs started investigating the potential of the latest generation of PLM and chose Centric PLM™, compelled by its configurability, clear roadmap and outstanding fashion and footwear credentials.

Today, Marc Jacobs has deployed the solution across merchandising, product development, production and logistics in the company’s New York and Hong Kong offices. Information is more organized, user error has been vastly reduced and heightened visibility into the early-stage costing process is a transformative tool for action. Product design and development teams enjoy the value of reusable libraries, and Centric PLM has had a significant positive impact on time to market.

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