Centric PLM Helps Lancaster Become More Innovative

Centric PLM Helps Lancaster Become More Innovative


REAL-TIME access to collections on the road

GROWTH in overseas markets




-In today’s leather goods market, speed is essential, and it was imperative for Lancaster to accelerate their design, creation and development process. Lancaster searched for a technological solution that would help create products more quickly, adapt the overall product offering for different markets and eliminate delays in product development.

Lancaster chose Centric PLM on the basis of its usability and flexibility, as well as the fashion and luxury expertise of the Centric team. Centric Software’s suite of mobile apps, which synchronize product data with PLM and empower collaboration across different departments and devices, was also a significant factor in Lancaster’s decision to implement the solution.

Lancaster has now been able to expand its global footprint and reduce the time it takes to bring new products to market. Centric’s interactive catalog app, Collection Book, offers a significant commercial advantage by enabling sales teams to present collections in real time anywhere in the world. With Centric PLM in place, Lancaster can respond quickly to the changing needs of an international customer base.

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Company Bio

Since 1990, Lancaster has created high-quality handbags, leather goods and accessories that blend traditional materials and techniques with a timeless sense of design. Today, Lancaster is a leader in leather goods in its native France and 60 more countries around the world. The company produces 1.5 million items per year, which are sold through a network of more than 1,000 retail outlets.





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