Klim Speeds Ahead With Centric PLM


25% reduction in sample lead times

75% less time spent getting pricing

FASTER research times


The cyclical nature of the snowmobiling gear market meant that Klim sought ways to improve efficiency and build platforms for growth from its early days. Klim’s growth into new motorcycling markets made the business less seasonal, but their amount and variety of products exploded.

Klim looked for a PLM solution to provide a single source of the truth for product data and make operations easily repeatable and consistent in order to produce the high-quality gear their customers expected. Klim selected Centric PLM in 2009, becoming one of Centric Software’s earliest adopters.

With Centric PLM in place, Klim finds it easier to track product development, has a central repository of component data that saves research time, and has improved communication with factories that shortens development timelines. It gives the teams at Klim confidence, peace of mind, and a better work-life balance.

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Company Bio

Klim is a world leader in technical riding gear for powersports such as snowmobiling and adventure motorcycling. Founded as Teton Outfitters in 1994, the company became known as Klim in 1999. Klim’s mission is to produce protective and even lifesaving gear that enhances the rider’s experiences and is able to withstand a challenging range of conditions and weather.





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