Boosting Team Energy and Efficiency with Centric PLM at Delvaux




Access to information and the concept of working simultaneously from synchronized, complete, coherent data used to be very complicated at Delvaux. Not being able to find basic information was a roadblock, making mistakes inevitable. Investing in a database that was up-to-date and accessible to everyone in real time was the key to growing Delvaux’s business.

Delvaux needs to be reactive in order to respond to market trends quickly, so the company searched for a PLM solution that is easy to learn and fast to get up and running. Delvaux selected Centric PLM™ on the base of its agility, flexibility and extremely visual, user-friendly interface.

Using Centric PLM, the team at Delvaux was able to pull together product-related information that existed in various spreadsheets. Centralized information now helps to facilitate work, team energy and efficiency. One of the strongest benefits of working with Centric is that information is fluid between different devices and tools. Data errors have decreased by 20% at Delvaux, and it now takes one day to enter data for each style, rather than five.

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