Powerful Precision with Centric PLM at 3Colour




Before Centric, 3Colour used Excel and had to enter a lot of information by hand. Manually adding collection, style and BOM-related data piece by piece resulted in a lot of errors, and the brand decided it was time to search for a PLM solution.

3Colour chose Centric Software as a partner, impressed by the functionality of Centric PLM™ and the professional, efficient, and helpful Centric team. 3Colour could see that Centric really cared about the project and that their dedicated team of PLM experts would work overtime to see it through to completion.

After just two seasons of using Centric PLM, the accuracy of BOMs has improved from 70-80% to 100% accuracy at 3Colour. There is no need to enter information more than once. After a show or sales order, everything that users need is ready in the BOM, and the only thing to add is specific customer requirements, which saves eight days of work. Centric saves time for designers and developers at 3Colour so they can do what they do best –creating new products.

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