Develop Leather Goods Quickly and Profitably with Centric PLM Solutions

Leather goods companies operate in a fiercely competitive industry, where time to trend is shrinking and brands must seize growth opportunities in the international marketplace, yet consumers love localized and sustainable products.



Introducing Centric PLM for Leather Goods

Centric PLM software, mobile apps, digital boards and industry best practices enable leather goods companies to speed time to market, source raw materials cost-effectively, build on bestselling products and focus on innovation, quality and craftsmanship.


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What Benefits Do Centric PLM Solutions Bring to Leather Goods Companies?

Centric PLM is a flexible and intuitive digital solution that harmonizes and collects all information related to products from concept too retail. Work from one version of the truth.

By eliminating the need for paper-based work methods, emails and spreadsheets, Centric PLM, mobile apps and digital boards enable leather goods brands to collaborate and communicate better in real time from anywhere in the world.

With a ‘single actionable source of the truth’ for data, Centric PLM removes the risk of data duplication and errors, saving valuable team time to focus on product design, development, production and launch.

Does Technology Play Its Part in Balancing Creativity and Commerce?

With Centric PLM, leather goods companies can protect their brand heritage, quality and craftsmanship while meeting the expectations of digitally connected consumers.

Centric PLM is a necessity for leather goods brands to support strategic growth, compete effectively and keep up with the demands of modern consumers.

The features of Centric PLM simplify working life, so leather goods brands can continue to defend the traditions that make them so distinctive. And keeps employees happy as they stay focused on their real jobs and not admin!


Meet Our Satisfied Customers!

Wondering how leather goods companies around the world use Centric PLM? Check out these customer stories or request a demo!

This top leather goods brand uses Centric PLM to get closer to customers, empower collaboration across departments and reduce time to market.

The world’s oldest leather goods brand finds a reactive and flexible solution in Centric PLM, enabling greater team efficiency, increased speed and 20% errors due to bad information.

This world-famous and iconic fashion house selected Centric PLM to support global activity by speeding time to market. Find out why Centric Software and LVMH share the same vision!

Bottega Venetta wanted to leverage best practices, streamline and align processes between departments, and unlock greater collaboration with external suppliers. They got that and more!

This traditional, artisanal OEM makes goods for top fashion brands and they chose Centric PLM to be able to manage complex customer partnerships and relationships with a ‘single source of truth’ approach.

Craft Your Future

Centric PLM solutions empower leather goods companies to meet new market challenges and build a firm foundation for future growth.

Guarantee exceptional quality, craftsmanship and protection of heritage while meeting milestones of excellence in a fraction of the time it takes without PLM in place.

Manage materials and sourcing with unprecedented visibility and supplier collaboration to ensure products are made with the best-in-class materials for the best price.

Speed time to market without compromising on the high quality and artisan elements of your products that make loyal customers return time and time again.

Manage product data seamlessly with ‘one single version of the truth’ and connect Centric PLM with your ERP, CAD and other systems to streamline communication across departments.

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