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Mobile and cloud-based PLM helps outdoor retailers work more efficiently without being chained to desks working on email and Excel spreadsheets.

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Centric Software’s Silicon Valley-based teams develop and implement innovative solutions that empower outdoor companies to serve increasingly demanding consumers, reduce time to market and increase productivity to realize digital strategies. Centric’s out-of-the-box, configurable solutions are up and running in weeks, not years.

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Improve the way you develop products?


Develop better products with fewer headaches and less firefighting?


Grow your brand while enhancing creativity?


Reduce costs and speed time to market?

Discover Centric Outdoor PLM! With groundbreaking cloud-based and mobile solutions, Centric Outdoor PLM gives your teams a ‘single actionable version of truth’ about the what, where and when of product design, development, production and retail. Teams at every level in your company have access to the same information at any time, from any place. This means no duplicated effort, improved visibility – and more sanity at work!

Connect suppliers and manufacturers to Centric Outdoor PLM to develop products collaboratively, improve communication and streamline sampling and quality control. Go a step further with Centric’s innovative 3D capabilities, which facilitate 3D design, sampling and fit reviews within PLM to reduce reliance on physical samples – cutting costs, material waste and time spent on shipping.

Drive Product Innovation and Performance with the Field Testing App

The Centric Field Testing mobile app is specifically designed for outdoor companies to help them track the performance and usage of prototypes and samples of clothing, footwear and hard goods.

Using the Centric PLM Field Testing mobile app, outdoor brands can assign and schedule product testing. Users receive an alert that a product is ready to be tested and can give real time feedback on elements such as comfort, testing conditions, performance or other criteria, simplifying and speeding up the testing process without losing valuable insight between testing and reporting. Capture detailed testing data live to improve margins, reduce costs, develop more amazing products and deliver goods to market faster.

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Take Centric Outdoor PLM Anywhere with Mobile Apps

Centric’s cutting edge mobile apps for PLM make it easy to work on the move, share ideas and expedite the sampling process.

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Capturing product innovation ideas with high-quality photos is now a simple task with mobile devices. But the inspiration and thought behind the photos can become lost between the trade shows or buying trip and the office. Centric’s Product Notes app lets users add searchable notes and comments to photos to collate product inspiration and possibilities that kickstart design in Centric Outdoor PLM.

Technical designers and product developers can easily determine if samples meet specifications with the Centric Outdoor PLM-connected Sample Review app and 3D Sample Review app for virtual sampling. Communicate changes back to suppliers rapidly with photos, markups, video, audio and the ability to attach photos to sketches.

The Material Sample app provides a simple way to track materials during the sample validation process and integrate the information into Centric Outdoor PLM. Enter data about material samples—with accompanying photos and notes—into a library and track each material throughout the evaluation process.

Conduct and document onsite factory audits and streamline vendor compliance with the Factory Audit mobile app. Record data on the spot that’s instantly accessible to teams elsewhere in the world, enter ratings for custom-defined categories, and note compliance issues. Findings can be recorded in formats including text, photographs and audio files.

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Gear Up with Digital Touchscreen Boards

Discover a family of highly visual, digital boards for desktop, mobile and large touchscreen devices that connects to Centric Outdoor PLM to transform collaborative decision-making for outdoor brands from ideation to assortment planning to retail. Forget sticking physical images on boards in meetings and catching up on confusing email threads – take out your device and start collaborating in real time.

The Digital Concept Board brings together teams from across all departments including design, merchandising and production/sourcing in a digital sandbox for drag-and-drop creative play and what-iffing for collection development. Begin with merchandising placeholders and financial targets or freely create from design inspirations – the Concept Board can flexibly adapt to the way you prefer to work.


Maximize assortment value by transforming global and regional buying sessions with Centric’s state-of-the-art Digital Buying Board Used by central and regional merchandisers, buyers, retail wholesale sellers and product teams, this board provides highly visual and up-to-date information from Centric Outdoor PLM to facilitate the collaboration needed to curate collections effectively and meet financial targets.


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Grow Your Brand With Centric SMB

Not sure if PLM is the perfect fit for you? Worried that a PLM platform might be too much? Centric SMB is a subscription-based (SaaS) version of Centric Outdoor PLM for emerging brands that is designed to speed product development, reduce product costs and increase responsiveness. With access to the same proven technologies and industry knowhow as big players, up-and-coming brands can set the foundation for future growth.

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