Survive and Thrive on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Centric Retail PLM

Learn how to get your retail business prepared for one of the biggest shopping events of the year.


Known for its promotions, midnight openings and consumers desperate not to miss a deal or a must-have product, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an event not to be overlooked by any brand or retailers. The shopping extravaganza provides a huge opportunity to move stock, introduce or re-introduce new products, attract new customers and reward loyal customers with great discounts or exclusive offers like ahead of the line access to new products.

Centric Software has put together the ultimate survival guide for brands and retailers who want to be as prepared as possible for success during this selling period.

Learn how Centric Retail Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions equip companies with the tools they need to streamline all product-related activities, gain full visibility into product margins, boost team collaboration, gain real-time insight into product performance and much more.

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Discover how Centric Retail PLM empowers retail brands to:

1. Speed Time to Market
2. Plan Ahead
3. Improve Collaboration
4. Stay Connected
5. Transform Decision-Making
6. Analyze Success
7. Use Data for Future Decisions