Creating a PLM Business Case for Emerging Brands

Learn exactly how to harness the power of PLM to grow your business


Part 1 Identify your business and operational challenges

Part 2 Research your options and solutions

Part 3 Showcase the benefits of PLM for your company

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of Implementing a PLM Solution

Do you relate to these scenarios? Your small start-up is experiencing rapid growth and you are struggling to keep up with existing systems. You know that something needs to change to continue this growth trajectory and be successful.

You know that a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution is the key, but you have a hurdle to overcome. You have to convince everyone that there is a better way than operating with email and Excel.

Read on for the road map to building the business case for PLM to get the green light and launch your PLM project to grow your fashion, retail and consumer goods business faster!

Discover the benefits of fashion PLM, retail PLM and consumer goods PLM.

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Seeing is believing

Is your fashion, apparel or consumer goods business struggling to manage growth and keep up with the latest trends while controlling costs and improving efficiencies?

Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric’s comprehensive, out-of-the-box fashion PLM, apparel PLM and consumer goods PLM software boosts product innovation and variety, increases product lines, supercharges efficiency, drives down costs and speeds time to market.