PLM software built to meet the needs of retail, fashion, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies.


Centric’s best-in-class PLM solution incorporates a deep understanding
of the business processes used to develop consumer products.

Luxury Brands

Centric 8 PLM software for luxury goods makes an exacting process more efficient.

Quality and workmanship standards for luxury goods makers are unmatched. Opulent – and expensive – materials drive and inspire product design and development, while brands concentrate on ensuring that finished products match customer expectations.

Features & Benefits

The Centric 8 PLM software lets luxury brands focus on the materials, designs and quality that will inspire the world and captivate customers.

  • Centric experience with global luxury goods companies
  • Bring efficiencies to maintaining critical style and quality standards, and customer loyalty
  • Ability to closely control workroom processes


Consumer Goods

Centric 8 PLM software for apparel, retail, footwear, luxury and consumer goods makers helps speed products to market.

From snowboards and outdoor gear, to baby strollers, to home décor products, today’s fast-moving consumer goods companies design in multiple locations, source in others, and manufacturer in yet others. Centric 8 PLM software for consumer products lets them share real-time data across multiple global locations, product categories, brands, seasons and collections.

Features & Benefits

  • Sourcing, vendor management and compliance
  • Product specification and line planning
  • Business visibility and insight



Centric 8 PLM software for footwear is in step with the needs of footwear makers.

Sophisticated product structure capability lets companies easily re-use and re-purpose base styles and designs, and change out individual variables. Using defined industry product structures and rules, Centric 8 efficiently creates valid bills of materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry product structure-compatibility management
  • Bring efficiencies to maintaining critical style and quality standards, and customer loyalty
  • Mass replace (bill of materials)/mass change (material/color/size)


Fashion & SoftGoods

Centric PLM software for fashion and soft goods retailers helps companies with no time to waste in a fast-moving market.

Centric 8’s PLM solution for fashion produces real results for specialty retailers, private-label brands, footwear and accessories, and home fashions.

Features & Benefits

  • Share information in real time across products, styles, collections, brands and seasons
  • Generate ROI in one product season
  • Eliminate duplication, errors, low-value tasks



Centric 8 PLM software follows products from inspiration to execution management.

Up to 50% of new products fail to meet their sales goals. Sophisticated retailers know they need to provide a consistent selling experience across all channels in order to change that. Centric 8 PLM ushers products from inspiration to the store shelf, allowing retailers to easily monitor customer experience and measure that against company standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures consistent brand experience, regardless of sales channel
  • Aligns product launch plans with retail execution
  • Simplifies process for auditing retail operators’ performance


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