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Centric Home Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) sets the foundation for growth for home décor and furniture brands with innovative digital solutions that empower the design, development and manufacturing of a higher variety of trend-right products, available through more channels, faster.

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Drive the development and launch of more innovative products faster by streamlining and automating sample reviews using the groundbreaking technologies integrated with Centric Home Décor PLM. Discover the transformative time- and money-saving effects of using PLM mobile apps, 3D design connectors, artificial intelligence and more!

3D connectors for popular 3D design programs such as CLO, Browzwear and EFI Optitex revolutionize Centric Home Décor PLM with native end-to-end 3D design and development integration.

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Centric’s Adobe® Connect streamlines design work by allowing designers to work in the familiar environment of Adobe® Illustrator while connected to Centric Home Décor PLM.

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Centric’s industry-leading PLM mobile apps close the gap between inspiration and customer with a variety of ways to use PLM outside the office, from real-time factory audits to 3D sample reviews.

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Make better design and development decisions with Centric AI Image Search, an artificial intelligence-driven tool that visually searches style libraries for matching materials to quickly re-use and re-order from suppliers.

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Centric Home PLM Supports All Users Along the Entire Supply Chain


Connect designers and developers directly to merchandising teams and suppliers to instantly share the most up-to-date product information and collection plans. Improve communication, boost collaboration and condense product development timelines.

Product Development Team

Fully align collection development with financial planning by giving designers, product developers and buyers a real-time view of planned collections, target margins and actual margins that change in response to decisions they make to keep everyone on the same page.

Merchandise Planners

Eliminate surprises, easily calculate what-if scenarios and develop realistic sales estimates with full visibility into raw material costs, product margins and product mix to optimize assortments faster and increase product introduction success.

Management Team

Gain full visibility into all aspects of product development, merchandising, buyer commitments and go to market, empowering you to make informed, agile decisions that impact your bottom line, driving operational savings and business growth.

Sourcing and Buying Teams

Streamline complicated product sourcing and material buying by centralizing all product-related data to eliminate multiple spreadsheets, thousands of emails and vastly improve supplier communications and shorten product timelines.

Quality Control Team

Manage quality, consumer product safety and compliance to meet international standards and protect brand reputation.


Market-driven, user-friendly PLM solutions created hand-in-hand with industry partners and Silicon Valley expertise specifically for home décor and furnishings, other consumer goods, fashion and retail companies with industry best practices built in means your teams will get up to speed faster with features tailored for the industry.

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In an industry focused on mass customization, home décor businesses — spanning everything from furniture and tapestries to ceramics, tiles and mosaics — are experiencing an accelerated pace of new product introductions with increased complexity, not to mention an increased workload! Centric Home PLM enables home décor, home furnishings and furniture brands, retailers and manufacturers to meet these challenges with a complete digital transformation. Find out more about how PLM empowers home-related businesses with these learning resources.

Webinar: PLM Demo Series: PLM4HOME

Learn how digital transformation drives growth for home décor and furniture brands by empowering more flexibility, visibility and responsiveness to trends and expansion into more markets with more innovative products available sooner.

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Discover the 11 data hiccups that prevent home décor and furnishings companies from handling complex product lifecycles effectively. Is your home décor and furnishings brand suffering from the havoc of data chaos?

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