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Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board

Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board Is your calendar filling up with endless meetings? Has spreadsheet confusion got you feeling down? Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board is an industry-leading innovation unifying product and category teams, merchandisers, internal buyers and sales within one easy-to-use, highly visual platform for touch-based devices like tablets, touchscreen televisions and web applications. […]

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Master the Retail Landscape with a Survival Guide for Multicategory Retailers

By now, you may have heard that Innovative digital transformation solutions empower your teams to manage every step of retail product development from planning assortments to creating and sourcing products to the moment a customer adds your product to their cart. But how does retail PLM actually work? Download the Survival Guide for Multicategory Retailers […]

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Streamline product development with a ‘single source of the truth’

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions offer a way to manage the entire product lifecycle from planning assortments to creating and sourcing to the moment a consumer gets your products in their hands. Innovative Centric Retail PLM created specifically for fashion, consumer goods and multicategory retailers centralizes all product-related data in one digital space.  It works […]

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Rise of the ‘Slow Movement’

How PLM Helps Brands React with Sustainable and Profitable Products Have you noticed a change in consumer behavior? Are your customers making more informed buying decisions and demanding transparency around production processes? Unsure how to answer questions about product quality, sourcing and material origins? Perhaps it’s even reached the point where your competitors are offering […]

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Enterprise Technologies: A guide for Multicategory Retailers

Navigating the Enterprise Technology Landscape Multicategory retailers know that investing in the right enterprise technologies can help to drive growth and keep up the pace in an increasingly challenging landscape characterized by shrinking time to market, the globalization of product portfolios, profitability pressure on every SKU and diminishing room for errors. But how do you […]

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Survive and Thrive on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Centric Retail PLM

Known for its promotions, midnight openings and consumers desperate not to miss a deal or a must-have product, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an event not to be overlooked by any brand or retailers. The shopping extravaganza provides a huge opportunity to move stock, introduce or re-introduce new products, attract new customers and reward […]

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The ABC’s of the Home Décor and Home Furnishings IT Landscape

A Technology Guide for Home Décor and Home Furnishings Businesses Digital transformation is a hot topic for home décor and home furnishings businesses today. And, the race is on to streamline operations and drive efficiencies for a faster time to market and time to trend. How do you decide which solutions will deliver, especially when […]

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End Buying and Merchandising Headaches with Centric’s Digital Buying Board

Are your Product teams, Buyers, Merchandisers and Retail Wholesalers managing billions of dollars’ worth of products with paper boards, cutouts, spreadsheets and Powerpoints? It’s time to move on from this traditional, time-consuming and error-prone way of working! Read on to learn how Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board streamlines buying and merchandising sessions for retail, wholesale […]

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Get Your Home Décor & Home Furnishings Business On Trend!

Envisioning New Market Spaces: Trends in Home Décor and Furnishings Home décor and furnishing companies are under the same pressure as fashion and consumer goods brands to keep up with the accelerated marketplace. Changes in consumer expectations, expanding to more markets and locations and selling through more channels adds overwhelming complexity to product development cycles. […]

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Discover the ABC’s of the Fashion IT Landscape

Technology Soup: The Fashionista’s Guide to Navigating the Fashion IT Landscape If you’re a fashionista interested in the business of fashion, you will discover IT plays an enormous role. You’ve likely heard terms like fashion PLM, ERP and SaaS and wonder what all of these acronyms mean. Acronyms make sentences shorter and the tech industry […]

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Creating a PLM Business Case for Emerging Brands

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of Implementing a PLM Solution Do you relate to these scenarios? Your small start-up is experiencing rapid growth and you are struggling to keep up with existing systems. You know that something needs to change to continue this growth trajectory and be successful. You […]

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Manufacturers, Meet PLM!

From Fashion House to Factory Floor: How PLM has become the Backbone Technology for Modern Manufacturers Modern manufacturers are facing enormous pressures in today’s changing marketplace including an overwhelming volume of communication, shrinking deadlines, changing international compliance requirements and complexities managing samples, revisions and shipments. In this landscape, information management is crucial and there is […]

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Creating a Business Case for PLM

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of Implementing a PLM Solution Do these scenarios ring true? Your legacy PLM is failing to deliver the ROI promised and is slowing your teams down. Or, your teams still rely on email, spreadsheets and paper notes. It may be time to consider a […]

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How to Choose the Perfect PLM Partner!

Choosing your PLM Partner: Why Innovation is the Key to a Perfect Match Brands and retailers face fierce competition and the marketplace is shifting at lightning speed. Winning brands harness the power of technology to develop innovative products and master customer engagement. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are the bedrock digital tools to stay ahead […]

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