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May 31st, 2017     2 MIN READ


You’ve heard about Product Lifecycle Management but are not really sure this is the right project for your business or exactly how it works?

Worried that you will get lost in digital transformation? Or are you worried that your business will be negatively impacted if you change anything to do with product development?

Whether you are C-level or Z-level, PLM means change ahead. With no barriers, parameters or restrictions, Centric Software PLM can be implemented by small businesses, large businesses, outdoor businesses, footwear businesses – no matter the size of your company, PLM is for all!

Want to learn more? Take a look at some of the reasons why Centric Software PLM can be used by companies of all sizes.

Excel, Excel, Excel

Centric PLM was inspired by Excel, which you are likely using anyway.

As James Ronaghan, Senior Business Consultant at Centric Software explains, “Many companies are currently working in Excel and they’re used to it. Centric Software created a platform that works just like Excel so it isn’t a big barrier to understanding a new process for the user. Our PLM takes our customers’ current process, puts it on steroids and allows them to collaborate in real-time instead of using several data silos like Excel, Dropbox and e-mail.”


While many companies have similar departments and engage in similar tasks like design, product development, quality and sourcing, the great thing about Centric Software PLM is that it is completely configurable. As James says, “The product is extremely configurable, so companies are able to personalize the product to the way that they want to work.”

No Compromise

“We’ve worked with and implemented about 200 companies and they are the best of the best with the best industry practices possibly in place. We’ve seen all types of scenarios and our solution was developed with flexibility in mind,” said James at Centric Software.

Customer Driven

The approach that is taken at Centric Software is to learn from our customers to make current and future solutions even better! All innovations to Centric PLM are driven by interactions with our customers. Our Customer Advisory Board gives us insight into their strategic and operational challenges and, along with input from our customer innovation partners, we use this valuable feedback to guide our roadmap. We are proud to say that our new release, Centric PLM V6, was recently given their enthusiastic stamp of approval.

Interested? Tell us your story today, let us know what issues are preventing you and your company from reaching the next level and begin your PLM journey.


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