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New Centric Software PLM V6

How Has the New Centric Software PLM V6 Release Changed the Centric Software PLM Experience?


Centric Software PLM is used by over 200 brands, retailers and manufacturers from across the globe to speed product development, reduce costs and increase market responsiveness. At Centric Software, listening to what customers have to say is important and even more important is taking those experiences and using them to build an even better PLM solution for current and prospective partners. The new Centric Software PLM V6 release exemplifies that philosophy, with an incredible 40 market-driven innovations across the Centric Software PLM suite.

1. Brand New User Interface

A beautiful and easy-on-eye interface which has been given a complete makeover. Some changes have been made to the color scheme and there is some smart interaction within the solution that has been added. There are now additional branding and personalization options and the emphasis, where this visually stunning new interface is concerned, has been on reducing visual noise and clutter and decreasing the number of clicks for the end user.

Centric has and always will be focused on the end user and the new completely configurable dashboard where the user can track information if they want to is a great example of that! There are some nice capabilities to create graphs and charts on any of the information in the system, just one click away! Marry all of that with digital breadcrumbs trails to speed navigation and information that stays close-by for quick access when needed and this brand new interface really is a significant addition to the Centric Software PLM suite!


2. Custom View Like No Other

The custom view is one of the specialties in the Centric system, allowing users to pull information from all over that system, whether it be from the merchandise plan, from sourcing, samples or quotes, to create reports. It doesn’t matter where the attributes live in the system, views can be created, with the intention of creating one landing place for someone in a particular role to come in and look at all the information that they care about. Intuitive, easy to use, giving users faster and easier access to information that is relevant to them! All of this allows users to be inspired and creative, rather than bogged down by monotonous tasks, really allowing for and facilitating bringing great products to market! Amazing!


3. Powerful Analytics

The intimidating sounding ‘slicer’ tool that Centric Software offers can easily analyze seasons’ or years’ worth of information to answer questions about supplier performance, costs or other complex queries requiring significant ‘what-iffing’ and number crunching. Slicer is essentially an online pivot table that allows the user to analyze their online plan by dragging and dropping online metrics to create powerful views comparing targets versus actual and season over season! Those reports can also be easily exported to Excel! Flexible financial planning for the user! Incredible!


4. It’s the BOM

BOM is one of the critical data sheets within the Centric Software PLM system. Centric Software customers really wanted ways to swap out colors within the BOM, to copy colors or change them from one to the other! So, the Centric Software team went ahead and created a ‘Copy Color Action’ button so they could do just that!

It offers people the ability to work in context, but also to be able to interact with other parts of the system, for example, if the user had a material and wanted to create a new color on this material, there is a new action there to create a new color directly from the BOM instead of having to go somewhere else in the system to create a new material first! Ultra user-friendly and what Centric Software is all about!

Powerful, beautiful and high performing, the sleek new Centric Software PLM V6 provides user-friendly innovations across the board and highlights Centric Software’s commitment to bettering what is an already stand-out solution! It’s clear to see that the Centric Software PLM experience has changed for the better! So what are you waiting for, take the first steps in your PLM journey today to a brighter and more simplified future for you and your company;

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